Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring is Almost Here: How to Be Care-Free This Season

In just a few short weeks, spring will begin in earnest, and with the season will come the opportunity to climb out of your cave! Winter is a great season for staying in, enjoying a warm meal and drink, and spending time with friends and family, but all good things must come to an end, and spring offers its own joys and distractions. Part of enjoying the season means making certain that your household chores are taken care of – chores that can be geometrically increased with the melting ice and snow!

Spring Duties 

One way to cut down on the care and maintenance of your home as winter transforms into spring is to hire landscapers to care for your lawn. As the snows melt, they begin to reveal the fallen tree limbs, dead plants, and patches of mud-that-was-grass that were previously hidden by the weather. Hiring a team to take care of the lawn is a great way to save yourself several weekends of work.

Ensuring the condition of your home is also pretty important at this time. Winter is a rough season, and all of the ice, snow, winds, and rain that your home is subject to through those wintry months can do some serious damage to your roof, siding, windows, and doors. Water damage is quite common, and can lead to serious problems with the interior of the home if left untended. A competent roofing and siding professional can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!

Of course, spring is best known for the eponymous “spring cleaning” that every household finds itself absolutely in need of. After spending so much time indoors during the autumn and winter, your home can become quite “lived in.” Taking on the dirt, the dust, the kitchen following three big holiday parties and family gatherings, and of course, the ever-needy bathroom can be a big job that ends up taking several weeks.

Outsource Your Spring Cleaning

Or will it? Just as with your lawn and your home’s exterior, the interior of your home can be cared for by knowledgeable, expert professionals who have long been trusted to keep your home looking and feeling brand new: maids. While maids were once the purview of big, wealthy families – think Alice of the Brady Bunch – maid services are a bit savvier about how they go about things, and can now be hired for just a few hours at a time

Personal and Financial Benefits to Spring Cleaning
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This allows for you to have pinpoint, targeted cleaning services when you need them, such as during spring cleaning season! This can put maid services well within your price range, allowing you to spend the evenings and weekends that you would otherwise while away elbow-deep in a bucket of soap-water pursuing other interests.

Spring Can be More Than a Season of Chores! 

Spring is, for example, a great time to start exercising again. Much like bears and other animals that hibernate, we like to stay in our homes and eat plenty of delicious (if fattening) food. Unfortunately, all we have is spring before the summer beach season hits, revealing us in all our pudgy glory. Even if you don’t intend to hit the beach this summer, you won’t exactly be wearing a parka in July. Whether you join a gym or start running or cycling again, spring is the season you can safely leave your home without freezing to death, which is all the more reason to make a routine of exercise yet again!

Spring is also the season to party – it isn’t Spring Break for nothing, after all. Spring is a great season for house parties and, as the weather warms up, lawn parties. You can start picnicking in the park again, and spending time at outdoor markets and malls as well. Vacationing during the spring isn’t a bad idea, either; vacation hotspots tend to be more affordable during the spring than they are during the summer, but they also tend to be more verdant and less populated, which means they’ll be more beautiful and less overcrowded.

All it takes is a few phone calls to have your spring-cleaning, home care, and lawn care taken of, freeing you to enjoy spring, rather than seeing the entire season as a chore. Caring for your home isn’t easy, but with a little affordable, professional help, time will fly and it will be summer before you know it!

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